Your holidays in Guérande

Les Remparts de Guérande
44350 Guérande

15 km from the campsite, Guérande, the City of Art and History in historic Brittany, will enchant amateurs of beautiful, old stones and nature. The “White Country”, renowned for its ramparts and its salt marshes, offers lots of opportunities for tours and discoveries.

The medieval City of Guérande

A city adored by the Dukes of Brittany, Guérande has preserved and showcased its sumptuous historical and architectural heritage. From the top of the 15th century ramparts, the City of Guérande dominates the salt marshes.  During a guided or independent tour, listen to the history of the city and visit the château, the Saint-Michel Gate, the Saint-Aubin Collegiate Church and the fortifications…

To see and to do:

    • Saint-Aubin Collegiate Church (12th – 16th centuries),
    • The Chapel of Notre-Dame la Blanche (Gothic style – 14th century),
    • The Medieval Festival of Guérande (in May, around the Pentecostal weekend),
    • The Festival of the Celts of Guérande (August),
    • Hike on the GR3 long-distance trail,
    • The salt marshes of the Guérande Peninsula,
    • The Brière Marshes…

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